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Dec 1996
This is the first piece of writing I did back in 1996. I wrote this story for a short story competition on BBC radio. I did submit it for the radio show but got a reply back saying the story was too short to be read for 15 minutes. This is a short story on Kashmir
March 1997
This small story was written for a college magazine which was never printed. This was to go along side with another article a girl student had written expressing quiet opposite of what I had written. This one is kind of may be on Feminism, but I'm not sure what to call it, see it for your self.
April 1997
This was written mostly in a bid to write something up. It is not as bad as I think it was. It is a small funny thing on my love
August 1997
Here is my first and one of the two Poems I ever wrote.It is about a very special relationship I had with a friend of mine.
September 1999
Here is my second Poem. I don't think I will be writing any more poem's.
May 2001
This is a love story which is partly based on actual events that occured in Surat, India during my stay there..
May 2001
This is just a bunch of questions. Try to answer these questions yourself and come to your own conclusions about what I am trying to say.Searching for Answers.
June 2001
This is about how I felt after watching the movie Lagaan and what I learned from it.Lagaan.
July 2001
This is about a small incident that happens to a family living in Bombay. I tried to capture the Good and Bad nature of Human Beings.

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