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Did you know that the universe is 15 billion years old according to scientists and big bang theory? Do you believe in the big bang theory? Do you know that Milky Way, the galaxy in which we live was formed 8 billion years ago? Did you know that the earth is 4.6 billion years old? Did you know that the first life forms appeared on earth 1.5 billion years ago? Do you believe in Darwin's Theory of evolution? Do you know that 250 to 65 million years ago reptilian dinosaurs dominated the earth, whose mass extinction was caused by a devastating meteor strike? Did you know that the earliest known ancestors of humans developed around 4 million years ago? How do you think mankind evolved? Do you know why we are here? Do you know when you are going to die? Do you know if there is life on other planets? Do you know if there is life after death?

Did you know that the earliest known civilization in India was around 3000 B.C? What was the religion of the people of Harappa and Mohenjodaro? Do you believe in the Aryan invasion theory? Did you know that casts were formed according to a person's occupation and skills rather than his birth? Do you know about all the different kingdoms that ruled the Indian subcontinent in the past? Was there a kingdom spanning the whole of what is present day India? How many wars were fought in India before the invasion of the moguls? What do you know about Ashokas and Guptas? Did the different kingdoms in India fought among themselves to expand their empires? Which kingdom are you from? Did the armies of the moguls have Hindu soldiers? Did you know that there were many Muslim invaders before the moguls? Did you know that the moguls fought against other Muslim rulers of India at that time? Was there any freedom movement during the 800-year rule of the moguls?

Did you know that Judaism is probably the oldest religion of non-Indian origin to arrive in India? Did you know that Judaism and Christianity might have arrived in India before they reached Europe? How many religions do you think exist in India? Did you know that Columbus traveled west from Europe to get to India and discovered America? Did you know that the natives of the Americas are called Indians?

Is there a God? Do you believe in god? How did the religions and God evolve? Did you know that the oldest known religion is only thousands of years old? How many religions and languages were there in this world, which are extinct now? Do you know what your religion preaches? Have you ever read the holly book of your religion by yourself and understood it, rather than accepting the meaning from another human being? Why are there more Buddhist followers in Japan, China and other countries than in India? What is religion? Why was it invented? Does it evolve? Did Hinduism have any rival religion for a very long time? Do you know that Christianity, Islam and Jewish religions have similar historical ties and they developed around the same period and that they had to compete with each other?

Were imperial kingdoms democracies? Do you know think that all kingdoms were basically ethnic and racial representations of a particular group or religion, which made them fundamental in nature? Do you know that Democracy as we practice today was invented only about 200 years ago, and that US is the oldest modern democracy? Did you know that during India's Independence in 1947 there were 562 princely states and 11 provinces? Have we successfully assimilated such vast diversity into one common national feeling?

Is India secular in its true meaning of "Not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body"? Is America secular? Did you know that there are cases in US Supreme Court challenging the legitimacy of the national Christmas holiday? Do you want to make India truly secular? Or do you want to change it into a fundamentalist country like any other Islamic country? Do you want India to remain a democracy? Do you want India to remain a secular state?

Is America the greatest and greatest of all? Is being in America your lifetime achievement and goal? Do you think there would be as many Indians as there are today in America if there was no civil rights movement in America? Is anything American good and right? Is anything Indian bad? Are Indians really a peace loving society? Just because Gandhi was born in India does it make us a peaceful country? Are you Indian? Are you American? What does it mean to be an Indian? Does it mean to drive a Honda in America? Or destroy a mosque in India? Is being Hindu Indian? Do you know of any missionary or organization, which is active in converting people from other faiths to Islam? How many such Christian organizations do you know? Do you hate the Muslims and Christians more than you hate the Shudras? Have you looked at your self before pointing at the other person? How many people do you hate? How many people do you Love? Do you love yourself? Where is your self-respect and dignity on a scale of 1-10? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you look at yourself or close your eyes and dream? Do you want to change who you are? Can you do that?

Is every citizen in India a world citizen? Why should they be so affected by what ever happens somewhere else in the world? Why should something happening in the US or the Afghanistan affect the day-to-day life of the citizens? Did you know more than 75% of the Indian population live in rural areas? Did you know that for a big majority of people in India having indoor plumbing is a luxury? Do you know that a majority still does not have access too uninterrupted electricity and potable drinking water? Did you know there are people in these villages who do not recognize the concept of a country called India? Did you know that Hyderabad has 24-hr uninterrupted power supply while there is power for 5hrs a day in the villages where people have to farm for a living?

Why do you love or hate R.S.S so much? Why do you love or hate V.H.P so much? Have you ever read the objectives and mission statements of R.S.S and V.H.P, before hating them so much or supporting them so much? Do you know that the R.S.S stands for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and V.H.P stands for Vishva Hindu Parishad? Do you think you hate or love these organizations for their names or for what they stand for? Did you know that the V.H.P wants to get rid of the dowry system and Untouchability? What do you want the future of India to be? What is the India you imagine for your children to live in? Do you believe in the word Hope?

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