Who are you?
I never knew you more than a smile.
I tried, but your smile took the rest of my mind.

In the corridors of the dark world
Your smile brings all my problems to light
And squash them
Making me to smile,they are as simple as a smile
You seem to say.

When you pass by,you make my heart to pound
I want to speak to you
But I don't know myself more than your smile
And I don't know you more than a smile.

For every shooting star I see
I wish for you,but what to wish

For every time a guy slips his tounge about you,
I take the cudgels against you

I can never forget you
You are always there before me with a beautiful smile
But I never knew you more than a smile

That is the power of a smile
You don't need to know more than a smile

I smile.

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