I have a lot of hobbies. Some of them I pursue regularly and some are just a event once in a while (like skiing or cross country driving).

  • Dancing

  • Collecting news paper articles. I started this 10 years ago with the actual newspaper now I do it electronically.

  • Collecting cartoon strips and pasting them into magazines. I collect the newspaper cartoon strips and paste them into a magazine say like Filmstar or Femina. I paste the cartoons on to the text in the magazine and leave the photographs as it is. This transforms the magazine into a fun thing.

  • Collecting paper ads. I used to collect good ads from newspapers and magazines. I stoped doing it couple of years ago. I have large stack of very interesting paper ads in India in the 90's

  • Pen Friends. There was time I used to write at least 2-3 letters a week. I had some good pen friends. I do have pen friends now but not as interesting as before

I have been very active in one of these at one point or the other.

Though my present hobbies which I seem to be enjoying regularly are books, movies and photography.

Writing is also my hobbies, which is more enjoyable and satisfying than all others.

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