Hi! So who is here.....

                Well I have always had friends around me.. a LOT of them...where ever I go I make some
nice friends. I am a kind of a nice to get along type of guy. I was in to penfirends and did have
some penfirends but later I lost touch with them. NOw I have net pen friends whom I keep
in touch with.

                My net frineds are Sameer in mumbai, Butch Bicker in Newyork, and Christina Gould
in US.Navy I had a nice little friend in london arpita khanna (If U read this please mail me) but lost
contact with her after she joined college somewhere in england.

                But even when you have all these friends everywhere there will be some or a few whom
U like the most and who are dear to you.

                Well here comes the list of my best friends. (other than MYSELF)

                And then offcourse is my one best friend who means a lot to me.                 All these guys, I met in college in SVR.My ball days in life.Well it was the time when
U make long lasting friendships. I cherish these friendships and hope nothing will ever go wrong
between us.

                There are also hazzar arbid junta from SVR, from my school, and other places..whom I
Have not mentioned. But sure did have a lot of fun and nice time. The least I can say their existence
on this earth by giving their links.

                I should mention though Nauzer Elavia, Anil.D, Arun. Rajuria, Partho thriparthy,
Sonal, Phalguni,Viral, Rathi....lots of guys the list is endless......

       Abee jiska bhi home page link hai uska naam likh raha hu..agar tumhara home page hai
to mujhe mail karo.

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